Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Step By Step Submission to the App Store

The online configuration part:

Step # 1. Create the relevant App ID,  Distribution Certificate & Distribution Provision Profiles. ( and download them into your keychain.

Step # 2. Login at with your developer's account.
(There might be a one time setup for company name and other information if you haven't visited the itunes connect before)

Step # 3. Go to the "Manage Your Apps". Click on the "Add New App" Button. Enter App Name, SKU Number (Stock-Keeping Unit, nothing technical, just an internal serial for your own track of applications identification) & The Bundle ID which was created from step # 1. Follow the other steps which includes providing application snapshots and other details. After following the forms the application will reach to the "Waiting for Upload" State.

Step # 4. You will need to Download Application Loader to submit the app to the app store. Run the Application Loader & Authenticate.

The source code involvement part:

Step # 5. Open the project in Xcode, make sure that the bundle identifier in the info.plist matches the App ID you created instep # 1.
Step # 6. Under the Project Menu in Xcode, Go to Edit Project Settings -> Build and navigate to the "Code Signing" Option. Select your developer certificate (which was installed in step # 1) in the Code Signing Identity for the 'Any iPhone OS Device' option.

Step # 7. From the Xcode's Menu Bar, Select Project -> Set Active SDK -> Device. Then Select Build -> Build.

Step # 8. If the build is successful, browse the source code directory and look for the build folder, you'll find the directory Debug-iphoneos in it, archive the 2 files present in this directory. *

Step # 9. Resuming Step #4 From the "Application Loader ", locate the archive and upload it. You'll receive the notification about waiting for the approval after the app has been submitted. *

Step # 10. Track your application(s) from the iTunes Connect's Manage Your Applications Option for Approvals, submissions etc. (The currently successfully submitted application will get the Status "Waiting for Review" Now)

* The mentioned actions (have chances to) produce errors and to be handled accordingly to the error notification details.

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