Monday, July 16, 2012

How to append phone number to an existing contact.

//We need to create a mutable copy of ABMultiValueRef with property kABPersonPhoneProperty
    ABMultiValueRef Phones = ABRecordCopyValue(contact, kABPersonPhoneProperty);
    ABMutableMultiValueRef Phone = ABMultiValueCreateMutableCopy(Phones);
    ABMultiValueAddValueAndLabel(Phone, @"413-675-1235"kABOtherLabelNULL); 
    ABRecordSetValue(contact, kABPersonPhoneProperty, Phone,nil);

    //This will add 2 numbers with others title under phone section of contact.
    //You can use other label too like following kABWorkLabel or kABPersonPhoneMobileLabel 

    ABMultiValueAddValueAndLabel(Phone, @"413-675-1235"kABWorkLabelNULL); 

    //Dont forget to save your addressbook after that.

    ABAddressBookSave(addressbook, &error);
    if (error != NULL


Note: If you don't make a  mutable copy, you will get following error for trying add  phone number to ABMultiValueRef instead of ABMutableMultiValueRef. As you created ABMultiValueRef by copying from ABRecordRef using method ABRecordCopyValue.
Assertion failed: (((ABCMultiValue *)multiValue)->flags.isMutable), function ABMultiValueAddValueAndLabel

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