Friday, June 29, 2012

Appstore submission process

 iPhone app development cycle

Here is the iPhone app development cycle and required communication between you and us.
1. iPhone App Developer( “Dev” i.e. us)
2. iPhone app seller (“Client” i.e. you)
Firstly, an iPhone cannot be run on any iphone/ipod if it is not downloaded from itunes app-store and then installed to iphone/ipod by syncing( same as syncing music, pics etc. via iTunes).
Dev is a registered Apple Developer. He also registered his iPhone,iPod to Apple and apple in return gave him a certificate. Using this certificate
he can use his devices as debugger only when the devices are connected to his Mac machine using XCode IDE.
Clients or sellers need to register in any of the ADC programs. For example we have a registered standard program account i.e. we can also sell free/paid from iTunes along with development.
Now, how the Client will test/run the app? For this also, Client need to register in a program standard/enterprise.
Then, from the control panel he need create certificate with his device ids( device id can be seen via itunes once connected, we can show you if u need).
After that, he has to send this certificates to the Developer. This is called AdHoc certificate. Using this certificate an app can run on those registered devices.
Now, the Developer will install the certificate on his Mac and make an app executable using this adhoc certificate. Then, he will mail this app/executable to the client.
The client will download the app and drag it on itunes and then sync his iphone/ipod.
But, this executable cannot be submitted to app-store and also wont run any other devices other than the ones registered in the AdHoc certificate.
To submit any app to app-store i.e. to sell/distribute an app using app-store, the executable must be compiled with with a Distribution certificate.
Distribution certificate is to created by the seller i.e. the client. It is similar to creating adhoc certificate. At this moment client must provide an app icon to the developer.
Then the client again send the distribution certificate to the developer. Developer compiles another build with it and sends the app-build to the client.
Then the client will download this build and submit to itunes app-store.
Once you are registered to the ADC standard($100) or enterprise($299) program from here
you will have a nice control panel. There are nice step by step guideline there.
So, in short:
1. Client Gives requirement to Developer
2. Developer develops the app
3. Client gives ad-hoc certificate to the developer.
4. Developer gives ad-hoc build to the client
5. Client Test the ad-hoc build on his iPhone/iPods
6. Client  gives the distribution certificate to the developer
7. Developer give distribution build to the client
8. Client submits this distribution build to app-store
9. App-Store takes around 1 week to review and then make it available on iTunes App-Store
Btw, the Client must also provide AppIcon or size 57px X 57px to the developer.
Client also need to have the same image of the AppIcon of size 512 X 512 to submit the app on app-store.

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