Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gmail and Task notification by Google notifier for Mac OSX

Gmail and Task notification by Google notifier for Mac OSX

I am quite dependent on google services, specially gmail, reader, calendar and of course Google Wave. Like many others, it gives me excellent support in managing my tasks, update to the web world and prompt communication.

But one thing that bothered me is to switch to the gmail tab in my browser to check if any new mail is received. Well, I could use Apple Mail and many other out there. In fact, I tried lots of them but none could replace the browser.

Recently I installed Google Notifier! Its amazing! Minimal yet complete. Here is a step by step instruction to use it.

First go to

Gmail Notifier Home Page

Click the button on the right saying: “Download Google Notifier for Mac”

After its been downloaded, click the dmg file if not already the image is mounted. It will ask for a confirmation:

Google Notifier Mound Confirmation

Click “Open”. It will mount the image and following window will appear:

Install Google Notifier

Drag the Left side Application package to the Application directory folder on the left. Thats it!

Now, press Command + Space to open up the spotlight search prompt. Type Google Notifier.

Searching Google Notifier in Spotlight

Press Enter when Google Notifier is selected in the list.

Now enter your gmail account information. It can also be changed from preference.

Google Notifier Gmail Account Information

Thats it! look at your top bar!

Google Notifier Installed

Now, if you have any mail or calendar event, the corresponding icon will be colorized with a count!

Google Notifier! You Got Mail!

Optionally you may also configure Growl and a growl like this:

Google Notifier with Growl!

Now, I can browse the web relaxed! If any important mail requiring urgent reply, Google will serve me that info

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